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VOWS is started by two sisters who realised that most of the clothes hanging in their closets are barely worn and are only kept to avoid the feeling of guilt that comes with impulse-buying. One day they think, 'enough is enough!'. It's time to face the result of their fashion choices, so they group a few friends to swap, sell and buy each other's clothing. Soon enough, they started selling in parks and events. 
Now, VOWS becomes the only trusted brand to sell and buy used clothing in Malaysia. With VOWS, not only you get cash rewards for recycling your style, you'll receive up to 90% discount on major brands - everyday!



The sweet lull of your favourite fashion brands can be hard to ignore, especially with affordability and convenience at an all time high. But no wallet, closet or landfill is deep enough to sustain the effects of overconsumption. Syakirin and Athirah Rosik, the sister duo behind VOWS, are providing an ethical alternative by selling used clothing and jewellery online. While it could be the preferred form of shopping in other parts of the world...


At the core, Thrift-On-Wheels is a waste management enterprise that’s looking to connect fashion consumers who lack affordable and quality products with the countless number of Malaysians who throw away their used clothes are still in pristine condition which adds up to our disastrous waste. What’s more? They pay their contributors as a reward for their effort in making the world a greener place...


Around KL neighbourhoods, we often hear the call of Uncles collecting old newspapers and bric a brac on their trucks. Now, two Malaysian sisters are now taking this idea further with a social enterprise that combines recycling with a love of fashion: Thrift-On-Wheels...

Tongue In Chic

The thrift store features brands like Marks & Spencers, Dorothy Perkins and Levi’s at less than half the retail price. Aside from being every fashionista’s dream come true, the thrift store has a goodwill page for donation requests, is pro sustainability and provides jobs for marginalised communities...

BFM (podcast)

Thrifting isn’t exactly a culture Malaysians are accustomed to but enlightened and inspired by the interest in thrifting overseas, sisters Syakirin & Athirah went out of their way to cultivate this growing culture by starting up fashion-truck Thrift-On-Wheels. ...

NST (newspaper scan)

.. "She said they were inspired by the booming food truck businesses in the Klang Valley and thought a mobile store would give "thrifters" greater flexibility as the items would be brought to them "instead of them trying to find us".

Syakirin stressed that paying less for something does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on quality.

The Sun Daily (newspaper scan)

.. "We also wanted to attach a social meaning to the business, therefore we decided to work with charities and NGOs. We are always willing to provide them with items that they need,” Athirah added.

Athirah also divulged that while educating the public is a daily struggle, it’s not impossible as they have converted some people into thrifting. “I think most people just don’t come across many good second-hand clothes but once they do, they are able to accept it."