1. How do I sell my items to VOWS? 

To sell your items to us, let us know by filling up the form here. Once done, we'll send a confirmation and drop-off label to you within 24 hours. After you've received the confirmation e-mail, print out the label and label your items with it when you drop it off at your preferred PostCo location. Sit back and relax while we receive and sort through your items. You'll be informed on how much you've made. The rest of your items will be donated / returned depending on your preference. 

2. Why do I have to pay shipping and listing fees? 

The RM10 fee is charged to make sure our hard-working postmen can deliver your items to us. Without it, we won't be able to provide our service to all of you jolly peeps all over Malaysia. Read what our founder, Syakirin, has to say on the shipping fees.

But the fee is too expensive!

Close to all of our contributors make more than the shipping fees that they pay. 30% make more than 15 times the shipping fees. Typically, our contributors avoid a loss by selling 2kg of items or more and by only sending us the goodie and not the baddie. 

3. Can I pay the shipping fees through bank transfer? I don't use cards / Paypal. 

We strongly encourage you to use paypal / card to make payment for the shipping fees for convenient record purposes. However, if you don't have a paypal account and don't have a debit / credit card, you may use bank transfer by putting in "OBT" into the discount code section, and then include your proof of payment into the "For OBT use only". 

4. Why do I have to print out the labels for my items? 

It's important for you to label your boxes and packages of items so the folks at your chosen location know what's going on and they can call up the delivery guy to come pick it up. Note that the lovely people working at your preferred location won't be able to take in your items without the label.

5. How long do I have to drop off my items once I've received the label?

The label you received in your inbox does not expire. So you can take your time gathering all the clothes you want to sell, and drop it off whenever you're free. 

6. Is there a minimum / maximum amount of clothing I can sell to VOWS?

There's no minimum amount of clothes that you can sell to VOWS. Yes, that means we'll even accept a pair of jeans if that's the only item you'd like to sell. However, the total weight of your items for every drop-off shouldn't exceed 20 kg and is limited to one box / package no bigger than 45cm x 45cm x 45cm. 

7. But I couldn't find a box that size. Can I drop off my items in trash bags? 

We strictly don't accept drop-offs in anything other than sealed, sturdy boxes no bigger than 45cm x 45cm x 45cm to make sure none of your items are lost / spilled / stained by the time it reached our associates for sorting. 

8. But how do I know what VOWS would buy and not buy? 

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is: if the items you’re selling to us in their current condition won’t be bought by you if you saw them elsewhere, we probably wouldn’t be taking them in. A good tip is to look through our listing to have a general idea of what our shoppers love. If you have similar items, definitely include into your pile.


Going through your items, we will be looking at; 
Resell value
        Among clothing items that we DO NOT purchase are:
        Basics e.g cotton spaghettis, tube tops, tank tops etc.
        Children's clothing
        Undergarment / Socks
        Visibly worn / damaged items
        Any items with corporate, religious, political logo/writing/affiliation
              We don't prefer but would consider;
              Men's clothing 
              Sheer (see-through) clothing 
              Tops / dresses with padded shoulders 
              Work pants / slacks
              Winter clothing
              Cotton t-shirts
                Items with these defects will be strictly rejected for purchase*:
                Broken zips
                Broken stitches
                Faded colours
                Torn pockets
                Incomplete parts
                Clothes significantly covered in pets’ fur or waste
                Unwashed/dirty/moldy clothes 
                      *You may include these items when dropping it off. We will not purchase them but we will recycle, upcycle and donate it on your  behalf. 

                      9. I have some items that I have never used (promise!) but no longer have tags on it. Would VOWS consider it unused and buy it as new? 

                      Clothing items can only be treated as unused if the price / brand tags are still attached to them. Your understanding ensures that our shoppers will have a better experience. Most of the items we receive everyday are like-new so to maintain our quality standard, having the price / brand tag on unused items are very important.

                      Imagine the shopper’s shopping high, the almost inaudible gasps, the shrieking, jumping and excitement over your pieces. With the tag still on. That thrill. It’s a cycle of love. ♥


                      10. What happens to my items that didn't make the cut? 

                      For this, you have two options - donate it, or take it back. 

                      Donating your items means less fabric going to the ever-expanding landfills. Plus, you're doing your part in reducing textile waste. 

                      What do we do with your donated items?

                      We donate clean, wearable t-shirts, pants and other clothing to individuals in need and organisations that assist them. 
                      We upcycle clothing items with minimal flaws into new products by partnering with members of vulnerable communities to help out with reducing waste. 
                      We recycle completely damaged clothing items. 

                      If you'd like us to return your items that doesn't make it into our inventory, there would be a charge of RM 15 so we can call up the postman and he'll make sure your items are returned safely to you. 

                      11. What are Rewards? 

                      Rewards are what you get for sending in your items. The total value of your items will be rewarded to you either by store credit or cash. 

                      Store Credit Rewards - You may have DOUBLE  the total value of your items be deposited into your account on VOWS and you may use this store credit to purchase anything on our site. For example, if the total value of your items is RM150, you may purchase any items on our site for RM300. Best way to restock that wardrobe!
                      Cash Rewards - You may choose to be rewarded in cash. The total value of your items will be transferred into your bank account within 7 days after we've informed you on the item value. We only make payments through Maybank or CIMB accounts so make sure you provide your banking details on the drop-off form. 

                      12. How much can I make from VOWS? 

                      Good question! Some contributors can make hundreds of Ringgits by selling good quality, highly sellable, like-new, in-trend items to us. Find out how much you can make here.

                      Who would have thought - your excess clothes can fund your next Bali trip! 

                      13. If I don't agree with the total payout by VOWS, can I request for VOWS to return everything back to me?

                      Unfortunately, we will only be able to return it to you if you've chosen the option before dropping off your items. If you've chosen to donate your items, your items will be donated / recycled / sold / upcycled by VOWS.

                      14. But I don't have any Maybank or CIMB bank account! 

                      Sadly at this point we are only able to make payment through Maybank and CIMB accounts. Bank account holder doesn't have to match contributors' name in order for us to make payment so you may provide any Maybank and CIMB account, even if it's not yours (provided you get owners' consent). 

                      Remember - we'd love to reward you TWICE AS MUCH in store credit. 


                      Happy Selling! Any other questions? We'd love to talk - chat with us at the chat bar.