All your questions answered!

What is a drop-off / pick-up? 

A drop-off is when you sell your items to us at the Warehouse.
A pick-up refers to us heading over to the location of choice to purchase your items. To request for a pick-up service, please write in to

 Is there a fee for pick-up? 

Yes, there’s a pick-up fee of RM20.
Also, a minimum sellable load of 20kg is required for a pick-up.
Note: Flawed and rejected items will not be considered as part of the 20kg.
What is the step-by-step selling process? 
  1. Submit an appointment request. Our buyers will contact you to confirm the details of the arrangement.
  2. To speed up the inspection process, separate your items into these categories:
    • visibly worn
    • unused & good as new
    • defected items for donation (clothes only)
    • good items for donation
  3. On the day of the appointment, we will inspect each and every item.
    • Our staff will inspect all items for flaws.
    • Once the inspection process is complete, our staff will share with you as to why some of your items are not considered for purchase.
  4. We will provide you the total amount payable — this amount will be banked in into your account.
  5. The amount payable should be processed within 7 working days. 
More details are available in our Price List.
What are the things that you buy?
We purchase clothes, fashion accessories, handbags and shoes.
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is: if the items you’re selling to us in their current condition won’t be bought by you if you saw them elsewhere, we probably wouldn’t be taking them in. If the items in their current condition are highly sellable, they will likely be taken in.
More details are available in our Price List.
What are the things that you don't buy? 

Among clothing items that we do not purchase are:

  • Basics e.g. Cotton Spaghettis, Tube tops etc.
  • Children’s / Infant clothings
  • Leggings
  • T-shirts
  • Winter clothings
  • Undergarments
  • Visibly worn/damaged items
  • Any items with corporate, religious, political logo/writing/affiliation
  • Earrings (hygiene issues)

Items with these defects will be rejected for purchase:

  • Obvious stains
  • Tear
  • Broken zips
  • Broken stitches
  • Faded colours
  • Torn pockets
  • Incomplete parts
  • Clothes significantly covered in pets’ fur
  • Clothes affected by animal urine
  • Unwashed/dirty/moldy clothes

More details are available in the Price List.

 But my items are unused! Why are they considered used?

As stated in the Price List, clothing items will only be treated as unused if the price tags are still attached to them. We understand that this can be hard. Your understanding however ensures that potential shoppers will have a better experience.
Imagine the shopper’s shopping high, the almost inaudible gasps, the shrieking,  jumping and excitement over your pieces. With the tag still on. That thrill. It’s a cycle of love. ♥
What happens to my items that didn't make the cut? 
You may take the items back and forward them to other organizations and individuals in need.
Most garments that are very minimally damaged will be put aside for donation purposes. We are continuously striving to come up with a better process to work with social organizations and charities so keep a look out on us.
Garments which are significantly damaged will have its fabrics upcycled to create new products such as sling bags, purses etc. Check out our VOWS+ line that features your old skirts and dresses! 
Tremendously damaged or low grade items will be forwarded to recycling traders.
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